Matt Paek

Matthew Paek, VMD, MS, DACVR did his Masters of Science in Biotechnology and his Bachelor of Arts in Public Health & Natural Sciences at the the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.
He then
graduated at University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 2010 an did his Residency in Veterinary Radiology until 2014.
Matthew started to work as a veterinary radiologist at Hope Advanced Veterinary Center in Rockville,MD.
In 2017 he started his own company in Clarksville (MD) called Synergy Veterinary Imaging Partners.
A veterinary radiology specific company, providing an array of veterinary imaging solutions and consulting services including performing ultrasound and interpretation of radiographic, computed tomographic, and magnetic resonance imaging studies.
He also works as a remote veterinary radiologist consultant for several companies.

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    Metabolic & hereditary bone diseases of the skull
    Review of the literature, imaging features and case discussion concerning metabolic and hereditary bone diseases of the skull

    Matt Paek

    Matt Paek