The Idea behind Vet Meet…

Veterinary medicine is passion for science and the love for our patients. We believe that the best doctors are those who are curious, continue to ask questions and want to offer the best care possible for their patients.

Questions and curiosity shape our knowledge.

Our meetings were born so we can continue to learn. We wanted to create a platform on which we can ask questions or discuss a topic and get input from colleagues and specialist around the world. We believe that approaching medicine from different angles can help us grow as doctors and provide a more rounded approach for our patients.

Radiologists, neurologists, pathologists and ophthalmologists joined our meetings already, but we are thriving to add more specialties…
Join our community – wherever you like! Bring your curiosity and let grows together…

How can I Join?

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Step II

Go to our shop to purchase credits, to see all videos in the library, select a course or join one of our events.

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