Max Krauß

Maximiljan W. Krauss, Dr. med vet DECVS, graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2008 at LMU Munich University, Germany. He completed his doctoral research study at the same institution in 2009 and described the Comparison of myelography, CT myelography and magnetic resonance imaging of the spine in dogs.

After a short period as a veterinarian in a private companion animal practice, he started a rotating Internship followed by a small animal ECVS residency at the Department of Clinical Sciences of Companion Animal in Utrecht.

In 2013 he went back to Düsseldorf, Germany to get Head of the Surgical Department of the Tierklinik Düsseldorf.

In 2016 he passed the board examinations of the European College of Veterinary Surgery and became a Diplomate of the ECVS. Since that year he is also head of the Tierklinik Düsseldorf.

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    Head Trauma
    How can radiologists help internists, neurologists and surgeons in managing cases of head trauma? What should we specify in our reports? What does the literature tell us about this topic? Join us and let's discover this together!

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    Anna AdrianMax KraußSwan Specchi