Microcystic Meningioma

by Swan Specchi, DVM, PhD, DACVR | 2017-04-17

T2 (A), Single Shot Fast Spina Echo (B) and T2 FLAIR (C) transverse images showing a broad-based T2 and SSFSE strongly hyperintense lesion at the level of the left temporal lobe with complete peripheral attenuation of the signal on the T2 FLAIR. There is only partial attenuation of the signal in the central part on the T2 FLAIR. The strong hyperintense signal of the central part of the lesion on the SSFSE, but the only partial attenuation on the T2 FLAIR suggests not pure fluid content (microcysts). The peripheral pure fluid may represent normal CSF surrounding the lesion.

T1 (A), T1 post-contrast at T0 (immediately after the contrast administration)(B) and T1 post-contrast at T5 (5 minutes after contrast administration)(C) transverse images showing the progressive enhancement of the lesion, presence of "dural tail sign" (dorsally) and multiple persistently millimetric hypointense foci within it consistent with the microcystic component.